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This medication dispenser increases medication compliance up to 96.7% by virtually eliminating missed doses and overdosing medication! Talk about safe!

*This service now comes with free shipping, installation, and training for correct and confident usage.



Medication Dispensers

Worried that you or a loved one is taking their medication incorrectly or not on time? With our cellular or landline monitored medication dispensers you can now eliminate this worry.

Let Marx Medical be your local Philadelphia service provider!

Marx Medical provides telecare systems through all three managed care organizations under Pennsylvania’s Community Health Choices system: Keystone First, PA Health and Wellness and UPMC.

Managed care in Pennsylvania might be changing, but one thing remains the same: our dedication to offering customers telecare systems that provide 24/7 safety, protection and comfort.

How it works:

  1. The Medication Dispenser automatically dispenses medication to patients up to 4 times per day, and our available monitored devices transmit compliance data to Marx Medical’s data center when the patient misses their medication.
  2. If the patient does not take their medication in a certain amount of time (set by caregiver), the device notifies Marx Medical’s data center which then notifies caregivers via text messages, email, and automated phone calls.
  3. The caregiver then contacts the patient and insures the patient takes their medication.
  • Timed-alarm system provides next dosage automatically.
  • Stores medication under lock and key and is tamper resistant.
  • Holds up to 7 days of 4 times a day dosing.
  • Great value and costs less than similar devices.
  • Dispenser takes up to 28 dosages with one fill.
  • Helpful website allows patients, family members, social workers and consumers to check if medication is dispensed correctly at any time.


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