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Breast Pumps

Breast Pumps - Philadelphia PA

Many mothers who are breast-feeding consider breast pumps as important as car seats and baby wipes. Whether you're going back to work or you simply want the flexibility a breast pump can offer, you have many choices.

If you need to be away from your baby or if there is a delay in breastfeeding after birth, your midwife or doctor, may recommend using a breast pump to express your milk. It is best to express by hand at first and move onto using a pump when your milk supply increases.

You may also need to use a breast pump if your baby is unable to attach to your breast. For example, if they were born sick, premature or have challenges attaching to your breast.


Types of Breast Pumps

There are four main types of breast pumps:

  • Double-electric breast pumps: These powerful electric models let you pump both breasts at once, important if speed is a concern.
  • Single-electric breast pumps: You’ll only be able to pump one breast at a time, which can take longer. On the plus side, these cost less than a double-electric pump.
  • Battery-operated breast pumps: These can be slower and run through batteries pretty quickly. The advantage of a battery-operated pump is that they're portable and helpful if you don’t have access to an electrical outlet (such as when you’re commuting to work or traveling).
  • Manual breast pumps: These are lightweight, portable and inexpensive. The downside? You'll be doing a lot of the work yourself and you may not get as much milk as a result

Here in Marx Medical Equipment we have a great variety of breast pumps to choose from. So, you decide which breast pump makes the most sense for your needs. We also work directly with your insurance provider to make sure you receive your breast pump on time.

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