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20181121 141921For more than 45 years, Marx Medical has been helping people in the Philadelphia area with medical equipment rentals, sales, and repairs.

We are proud of the work we’ve done to help those with mobility issues, and while we’re always happy to come to our customers, we’d like to remind you that you can visit us as well.

Our store in Philadelphia contains everything you’ll find on our website, from mobility equipment to diabetic footwear to ramps and railings. Visit us at 2814 East Allegheny Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19134. 


Power Wheelchairs and Mobility Scooters

mobility scooters philadelphia

These devices might seem interchangeable to most people, but there are some significant differences.

Power Wheelchairs:

  • Operated with a joystick or touch control, require very little effort to use
  • An ideal option for in-home use, as they can navigate narrow hallways and around furniture
  • Easy to transport and store, and good for users with more serious disabilities.

 Mobility scooters:

  • Powered by a rechargeable battery pack, controlled by handlebars
  • Easy to operate, good for people with less serious mobility issues
  • Designed to handle rough terrain and travel over long distances

We are official dealers for trusted scooter and power chair brands such as C.T.M. Home care, Drive, DeVilbiss Healthcare, FreeRider USA, Golden Technologies, Merits USA, Pride, and Stars n Stripes.


Manual Wheelchairs

manual wheelchairs philadelphia

When you have a physical disability, fewer things are more important than access to a reliable wheelchair. That’s why Marx works only with trusted brands such as Drive, DeVilbiss Healthcare, Invacare, Medline, Merits, Quickie and Ti.

These standard manual wheelchair models feature a range of different seat widths, elevated leg rests and footrests.

Marx Medical’s extensive wheelchair line can transform the lives of the people who use them. We’re committed to distributing innovative products that promote recovery and an active lifestyle.

Our other mobility equipment includes rollators, transport chairs, walkers, knee walkers, canes, crutches, and transfer boards.


Lift Chairs

lift chairs philadelphia

Find just the right combination of size, weight capacity, options and accessories with our collection of lift chairs from Gold Technologies and Pride Mobility Products.
Every one of our lift and recline chairs is built here in Pennsylvania, backed by industry-leading warranties and designed to provide the smoothest, quietest and most secure lifting system.


Portable Wheelchair Showers

Everyone deserves to feel safe and secure while they shower, but that’s not always easy for people with mobility issues.
That’s why we offer portable wheelchair showers. These devices assemble and can be installed within minutes, offering users privacy and ease of access without having to worry about paying for an extensive bathroom renovation.


Bathroom Safety

Marx Medical carries a wide range of bathroom safety products, including:

bathroom safety philadelphia

  • Bath benches and stools
  • Shower sprays
  • Transfer benches
  • Bath lifts
  • Bath mats
  • Raised toilet seats
  • Safety frame
  • Variety of commodes
  • Tub rails
  • Grab bars
  • Accessories


Hospital Beds

hospital beds philadelphia

We carry both semi-electric and fully-electric hospital beds. Fully electric beds are ones that allow you to adjust the head and foot of the bed while also raising and lowering the height.

With a semi-electric hospital bed, you can raise and lower the head and foot but will need a manual control system to adjust the height.

With our help, you or your loved one will have an easier time recovering at home.


Stair lifts

stair lifts philadelphia

For people with mobility issues, the right home modification can be a life changer. Take stair lifts for example. Installing one

in your home can mean the difference between having to do a big renovation, finding a new place to live or the convenience of retaining full access to both floors of your home.

Marx Medical sells stair lifts from companies like Merits. We also offer stair lift rentals to customers who may only need a lift for the short term.


Home Modifications

We realize that home modifications can mean more than just stair lifts. That’s why we sell and install home elevators, designed for people for whom stair lifts may not be an option.

120648396Do you need railings to make your outdoor steps more manageable? We install railings around the Philadelphia area and work with all Medicaid waiver programs.

And if you can’t take the stairs at all, don’t worry. We install modular ramps and provide portable ramps all around the greater Philadelphia region.

Our home modifications go beyond the exterior of the home. Ask us about our ADA-compliant bathroom renovations. We offer free assessments and blueprints on all ramps, railings and bathroom modifications, as well as physical therapy evaluations and work by professionally-trained technicians.


Diabetic Shoes

Proper foot care is essential for people with diabetes. They can suffer from a number of different foot problems, including ulcers,

diabetic socks philadelphia

bunions, nerve damage, poor circulation and – in extreme cases – amputations. Marx Medical provides shoes to alleviate these issues and works with three certified shoe-fitters to make sure you get the comfort and support you need.

We also carry diabetic slippers that provide added foot protection at home, as well as diabetic socks, designed to promote circulation and reduce the moisture and microbial growth that cause infections.


Incontinence Products

Marx provides a range of incontinence products, which are covered by Medicaid. These products include:

  • Adult diapers, which feature a cloth-like inner and outer material for comfort and noise discretionincontinance products philadelphia
  • Pull-ons – A protective diaper designed for people who need incontinence protection but prefer to wear something closer to underwear
  • Underpads and liners – Underpads provide bed or chair protection, absorb leaks and reduce odors. Liners are undetectable under regular clothing and stay dry to promote healthier skin

In addition to our products, Marx Medical offers a wealth of expertise, whether you have questions about which mobility solution is right for you or you need guidance through the complicated world of Medicare and Medicaid.

We hope you’ll stop in our store in Philadelphia to see what we have to offer.