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 *Technician on site was certified at CAIRE Concentrator Service School
in Ball Ground, Georgia.

*Technician also certifed by Golden Technologies.
Oxygen Concentrators Scooters and Power Wheel Chairs
Oxygen Concentrator Power Scooter

All oxygen concentrators come with specific instructions referring to cleaning and maintaining the system. Basic oxygen concentrator maintenance means cleaning the components on a regular basis. This usually requires taking it apart and gently scrubbing with dish soap and warm water. Disclaimer: unplug the concentrator before taking it apart. Pertaining to the filter, a general cleaning should occur once or twice each week. For further questions on cleaning, or to get repairs done, please ask for our CAIRE certified technician.

It is recommended to have your mobility device fully serviced once a year. Our certified scooter/wheelchair repairman has fixed scooters and wheelchairs from dozens of brands including Pride, Golden, Drive, etc… These repairs include batteries, joysticks, drive wheels, seats, key replacement, and more. Marx Medical Equipment also offers fully-charged loaners so no customer risks losing their mobility while undergoing repairs. Service also includes checking for loose nuts, assessing tire pressure, and ensuring the brakes are working properly.