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**Intended for assisted living facilities. Facility coordinators please call to set up clinic **                         OUR MISSION IS 
  • FREE evaluation for every participant's equipment                                                                  TO HELP AND MEET 
  • ADVICE on maintenance and cleaning of equipment                                              
  • ADVICE on proper usage of mobility equipment                                                               OUR COMMUNITY'S NEEDS

Buy or rent the medical equipment you need from Marx Medical Equipment at affordable prices. We also specialize in wheelchair repair, scooter repair, and mobility lifts. Contact us in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware to learn more about our medical equipment today.

Supplies & Services
Marx Medical Equipment is a medical equipment service and supply company serving Philadelphia and the surrounding regions. We have more than 40 years of experience working with medical equipment and are both accredited and certified by the Accreditation Commission for Health Care and the Better Business Bureau

In Business Since 1969
Since 1969, Marx Medical Equipment has been providing the reliable mobility lifts , wheelchair and scooter repair services you need to stay mobile. We also provide rentals and sales at affordable prices. It is our goal to provide community members with access to the medical equipment and related services they need at affordable prices.

Added Benefits
We have a highly trained technical staff that focuses on your satisfaction and provide pickup and delivery throughout a large service area.

Keep your medical equipment in peak condition with the help of Marx Medical Equipment

We've provided reliable wheelchair/scooter repair & maintenance services in addition to rental servcies in Philadelphia since 1969. Our goal is to grant access to all areas with the proper medical equipment. We specialize in medical equipment, wheelchair/scooter repair, rentals, maintenance, and sales at low prices in Philadelphia, PA.

Wheelchair and Scooter Repair

Prolong the life of your equipment with the help of Marx Medical Equipment. We offer wheelchair repair, batteries and chargers along with scooter repairs, as well as medical equipment sales and rentals.

Mobility Lifts

Stay independent and mobile with our wide variety of lifts and ramps made and installed to add convenience to your lifestyle. Rentals, sales and repairs offered!

- Stair Lifts, Cargo Lifts and Elevators
Car Lifts and Bath Lifts
Pool Lifts and Portable Ramps
Vertical Platform Lifts

Equipment Repair
Put your wheelchair and scooter back into working order by calling Marx Medical Equipment. Our scooter repair and wheelchair repair services cover everything from dead batteries to damaged wheels, motors and joystick controls.

Turnaround times depend on the parts you need. We use new parts and offer loaners similar to your current wheelchair for your convenience.

Contract Maintanence Application

Services included:

1) Annual Cleaning 5) Consistent safety and maintenance evaluations
2) A Full Tune-Up every 6 months 6) Most work will be done at your location
3) 2 hours of labor on all major repairs with no dispatch fee 7) On-call priority service
4) Minor adjustments 8) Parts are charged separately

Medical Equipment Sales & Rentals
In addition to repair services, Marx Medical Equipment provides equipment sales and rentals. We rent out and sell motorized and manual wheelchairs and scooters. Plus, our store sells diagnostic equipment to meet your medical needs.

Incontinence Supplies

Diapers, Wipes, Gloves, Pull-ons, and Underpads


Thanks to the wonderful customer feedback we've received, we have decided to add several new products to our line! These include: commodes, wrist/ankle braces, compression socks, canes, rollators, grab bars, and shower chairs.

Call us at (215) 426-9242 to ask about wheelchair rentals for your next event today.  Servicing the areas of Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.


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Accepted Insurances: Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross, High Mark, Aetna Better Health, Keystone 65, Keystone East, Keystone Select,                                                                                 Keystone Advantage, Personal Choice, Independent Keystone, and Health Plan East