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$60 Activation/Training
Monthly: $35

In Home
$60 Activation/Training
Monthly: $30

Fall detection pendant for
$5 extra/month.

Shipping: Free

in the home fall detector


Medical Alerts

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Choose The Alert Plan That's Right For You

Marx Medical Alert provides protection and safety around the clock; both in home and on the go. Try Belle for the mobile user, complete with emergency locating capabilities in areas with cellular coverage.

Our in-home service is a traditional, reliable alert system protecting you in and around the home. It comes with a choice of pendant or wrist style button, as well as optional accessories such as our fall detection program.


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In Home

Marx Medical In The Home is the traditional approach to in-home medical alert security. Featuring an array of available pendants and a console, our In The Home system is the perfect solution for customers who spend the majority of their time in and immediately around the home. 

  • No Equipment To Buy
  • No Price Increase - Ever
  • Choice of Pendant (Necklace or Wristband)
  • No Phone Line Required System Available
  • Fall Detection Pendant Available




This lightweight, shower-proof pendant uses the AT&T cellular network to place emergency calls from both inside and outside your home. After pressing the call button, you'll be connected to a Marx Medical operator within moments who can do everything from send an emergency services to calling one of your friends or family members.

  • No Price Increase - Ever
  • Free Shipping
  • Water Resistant
  • Battery Lasts Up To Two Months On A Single Charge
  • Works Anywhere In The U.S. With Available Cell Coverage




This light-weight device (just 2.3 ounces), has all the features of our existing Belle product, but with the added benefits of fall detection and GPS tracking. It’s easy to wear, safe for the shower, and has a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 5 days per charge on a charging cradle. The cradle is included with the purchase. It works with AT&T’s cellular network to instantly connect to operators at a ResponseNow center. Those operators can alert emergency services, or – in less serious situations – notify a friend or family member from a predetermined contact list.