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Diabetic Shoes

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Diabetics suffer with foot problems such as: Ulcers, Bunions, Nerve Damage, Dry Skin, Calluses, Poor Circulation, and Amputations. We provide shoes for diabetics in Philadelphia to alleviate these issues, and provide comfortable and safe footwear for our customers.

We work with Dr. Comfort who custom makes all their diabetic shoes to fit each individual correctly. They understand the importance of providing fashionable shoes for diabetics that reduce the risk of foot injuries while improving circulation.

Marx Medical Equipment fully understands that many of our diabetic customers struggle with mobility problems. This is why we provide free in-house fitting (we occupy 3 certified shoe fitters) and free delivery!

Medicare customers are eligible for a pair of diabetic shoes every year.

*Certain deductions, co-insurances, and/or co-payments may apply.

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